The 7 most underrated series on Netflix right now
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The 7 most underrated series on Netflix right now

Looking for new TV shows to binge this weekend now that you are done with Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and possibly the newest season of Stranger Things? Because of the high volume of content getting pumped into the streamer every month, keeping track of what you watch is often difficult. Often movies and TV shows with good plots and performances find themselves lost in the back seat of our ‘My Lists’. To help out, have curated a list of the most underrated shows on the streamer now for you to watch.

Best of Netflix understands the sentiment of needing to binge something new. TV series are the newest language of sharing stories. As viewers, it opens up possibilities. Possibilities to get closer to characters. Unlike movies, a series enables creators to develop characters through several episodes. The attachment to characters, sets, and plots is deeper. 

However, amongst the content competition in the contemporary media world, it isn’t easy to keep up with the variety of good picks. Thus, Best of Netflix has curated a list of the seven best TV shows that have been criminally underrated and on the streamer for too long. One simply can’t miss out on these of Netflix’s faulty algorithms. Without further ado, let’s dive in to find out more about your weekend’s new watchlist! 

The 7 most underrated series on Netflix:

7. Street Food: Asia (2019)

Street food for any country is representational of its culture and niche ingredients. Netflix has produced food shows in abundance. So we get it if you feel reluctant to watch just another one of these. But the show’s beauty does not just rely on Michelin’s expertise. It is food that is accessible to all and not just the rich.

Any country or city’s street food is the definition of its soul. If you are a food enthusiast planning your next travel or keen to know more stories of the growth of street food in regional places, this is the next show for you to binge. With less than thirty minutes for each episode, the show does not stray from its soulful theme: the food. Add it to your watchlist for a worldly experience. 

Watch the trailer for Street food here. Street Food now streaming on Netflix

6. Crashing (2016)

This British TV series follows the lives of six young adults who move into a hospital-turned-squat. They commit to becoming hospital guardians in exchange for keeping the property safe. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who became famous for her show Fleabag, is one of these six individuals. The show revolves around the relationships formed between the six individuals.

Although many reviewers have claimed it has an abrupt ending, the one-season series touches the hearts of many. Especially with yet another outstanding performance by Phoebe. Crashing acts like a snapshot, a long-exposed moment in the lives of these odd six individuals. 

Watch the trailer for Crashing here. Crashing now streaming on Netflix

5. The Keepers (2017)

It is no surprise that true-crime docuseries are winning the race at this point in contemporary content production. This show captures the murder mystery of a cherished nun and Catholic high school teacher Cathy Cesnik. Based in Baltimore, the beloved nun’s disappearance occurred in November 1969.

Although her body was found two months after her disappearance, no one has been convicted for her death. However, there have been certain claims by one of her students who later came out with some unheard news in the 1990s. Find out more in this chilling docuseries, where director Ryan White tries to uncover the truth behind the nun’s murder by compiling all possible evidence and testimonies.

Watch the trailer for The Keepers here. The Keepers now streaming on Netflix

4. Sense 8 (2015)

The story revolves around eight strangers from extremely different parts of the world who happen to fight out that they are connected. Not only do they share visions, but they share powers and connections. The show explores the powers of these different individuals as they struggle to save themselves from being hunted down by a strange organisation.

To this date, the show has been one of the immensely underrated ones in the history of television. The world of fiction has been used in creative and imaginative ways, which pushes one to navigate at the tips of their chairs while watching the series. Don’t wait; dive into the world of diversity and shared feelings.

Watch the trailer for Sense 8 here. Sense 8 now streaming on Netflix

3. Russian Doll (2019)

The comedy-drama series Russian Doll stars Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne. The same Natasha Lyonne that we fell in love with from Orange is the New Black. In Russian Doll, she plays the role of a woman who is asked to be a guest of honour at a party based in New York. However, she gets stuck in a loop and dies each night in some way or another.

Natasha is also one of the program writers and creators of the Netflix production. Safe to say, she is closely intertwined by the production of this masterpiece that does not get the amount of attention it should. Although we have seen a fair share of loop movies and shows, this one stands out for a number of reasons.

Watch the trailer for Russian Doll here. Russian Doll now streaming on Netflix

2. A Suitable Boy (2020)

Based on Vikram Seth’s 1993 novel, A Suitable Boy is a gentle piece of romance based in 1951’s new and independent India. It showcases the struggles of being a woman while cultural riots are taking place across the country. This period drama encompasses the life of Lata Mehra, a literature student.

She fights battles between love, responsibility and familial pressures when it comes to choosing A Suitable Boy for herself. The show is a must-watch, subtle, sober, and filled with romance. A different take on neoclassical English period dramas, if you may. A riveting set of musical pieces blessed by Anoushka Shankar is present in the show as well.

Watch the trailer for A Suitable Boy here. A Suitable Boy now streaming on Netflix

1. Special (2019)

This semi-autobiographical piece written and starred by Ryan O’Connell has to be the best on the list. Like in his memoir, of course, he also plays Ryan, who is a gay man with cerebral Palsy. The protagonist decides to get away with his true identity as an accident victim and seek the life he envisioned for himself.

However, after years of working from home and texting people, he finally decides to shoot his shot to change over his life. Starring Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons, Special is definitely a special series none of us should miss.  The dry wit will be enough to sway you off your feet, an absolute gem of a show. 

Watch the trailer for Street food here. Street Food now streaming on Netflix