Five Netflix Original characters you want to be friends with
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Five Netflix Original characters you want to be friends with

Netflix has a wide variety of content to offer across all genres. With a surprising amount of Original content being produced for both films and TV shows, it is safe to assume that Netflix Studios is doing a brilliant job!

Over the last few years, the streamer has produced Original shows that have all gathered a widespread fanbase. The complicated narratives, complex characterisation, sublime cinematography and incredible production have attracted the attention of many who are hooked on the story arcs of the fictional characters.

No longer are people only talking about shows like The Office, Game of Thrones, Friends etc., but also about how brilliant Maeve Wiley’s sassy remark from Sex Education was or how deeply Jim Hopper from Stranger Things cared about those around him. 

Out of a plethora of amazing characters, both good and bad, there are some loyal and amicable ones that we would love to befriend. Here are five such Netflix Original characters we would want to be friends with: 

5 Netflix Original characters you would want to be friends with 

Maeve Wiley – Sex Education    

An ardent lover of Sylvia Plath and the epitome of a Lana del Ray song, Maeve Wiley is an ultimate badass feminist icon to whom Emma Mackey adds the correct amount of poise, sass and strength. Unapologetic, courageous and unabashedly bold, Wiley thrives in her ultimate “bad girl” reputation at school. Having belonged to a dysfunctional family, Maeve knows the value of love. Unbelievably resilient and robust, Wiley is one of the best characters on the show who empowers not only herself but also others around her, especially women, making her the best friend one could ever ask for. 

Headstrong and bold, her struggle subverts various stereotypes regarding female characters and champions her agency over her body and mind, especially when she clashes with pro-life activists over her choice to get an abortion. Despite being an unfortunate survivor of various atrocities meted out to people, Maeve’s self-awareness and lack of feminine glee humanise her and make her sail through life with unwavering courage and determination. 

Lee Cheong-san – All Of Us Are Dead 

When a zombie apocalypse overtakes the city and alienates high school students trapped inside the building from the rest of the world, friendships and loyalties are put to the test. Yoon Chan-Young’s character Lee Cheong-san prevails as one of the most adorable, trustworthy and frustratingly selfless characters in the series, whose cathartic transformation from being the everyman character to the tragic hero results in his fateful sacrifice and eventual death. 

Although he lacks physical strength, Lee’s quick-thinking skills and courage help him guide his friends to safety. He displays unwavering determination and loyalty towards his fellow survivors as he takes the lead in fighting against the zombies.

Many fans speculated about his return in the second season, it seems highly unlikely as his memory lies nestled in love and admiration in our minds. 

Eloise Bridgerton – Bridgerton

The fifth sibling and the second-eldest Bridgerton daughter in the family, Eloise, has a streak of Little Women’s Jo March in her. A character that even Virginia Woolf would be proud of, Eloise is spunky, rebellious, unique and intriguing. An ardent believer of equality and women’s rights, the second season delves deeper into Eloise’s exploits as she expresses her disdain towards the societal pressure regarding marriages and the manners of a lady and tends to go to the other parts of town to meet like-minded individuals. 

Eloise and Penelope Featherington have an enviable friendship. Eloise is charming, funny and witty, and anybody would be lucky to be her friend as she seems to have plenty of opinions to share. Although she will eventually fall in love if the show continues to follow Julia Quinn’s novel trajectory, Eloise is the most attractive and fascinating character on the show. 

Ali Abdul – Squid Game 

Like every other tragic hero, Ali Abdul suffers a tragic fate in the penultimate episode of the series when he is betrayed by another participant as they battle in a game of life and death using marbles. One of the most well-liked characters, Abdul, is too selfless for his own good. From risking his life during the very first episode to save a stranger to being a loyal ally every step of the way, Ali’s naivete and trusting nature cost him his life. 

Played by Anupam Tripathi, whose extraordinary command over the Korean language was praised by many, Ali is an immigrant from Pakistan in the series who decides to participate in the titular game to free himself from debts and focus on a better future for his family. Money never turns him into a monster, and the look of sheer horror, utter disappointment and betrayal moments before his death shows how his helpful nature was doomed from the start. 

Jim Hopper – Stranger Things  

Gruff yet vulnerable, David Harbour’s Jim Hopper is inarguably the best Stranger Things character. Left hollow by a set of consequent tragic events that devastate him, including his child’s untimely demise and his wife’s subsequent abandonment, Hopper undergoes a cathartic transformation from an alcoholic meanie to a lion-hearted man. From being angry and volatile to caring for Eleven and nurturing her with love and care, Hopper is the kind of friend we all deserve. And honestly, Hopper deserves good friends, too, like most characters on this list. 

Hopper never hides his jealous or possessive streak. His flaws make him human. Harbour’s poignant portrayal of the character won him two well-deserved Emmy nominations. Hopper’s undying love for his close ones, especially Elevn and Joyce, reaches its climax in the cliffhanger of the third season. The fourth season will see him in Russia, and the actor has already hinted at some crazy, never-seen-before action.