5 most overrated series on Netflix right now
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5 most overrated series on Netflix right now

Who doesn’t love a show that gives you the need to watch more of it? That being said, often, a viewer’s perception of a series is already skewed based on the amount a show has been promoted. Marketing a show is a new way of securing a dedicated audience. However, often these shows take away the spotlight from stronger performances and plots. And that is where the problems begin. In this article, we will be discussing a few of these overrated shows on Netflix now.

That being said, we should still clarify that just because the following listed shows are overrated does not mean they are worth watching. Each production team puts in aeons of work to make a piece of art successful. A lot of valuable time, money, and organisation is required to produce anything with a big budget. However, at times these big-budget shows end up gaining more traction. Regardless of their harsh critical reception, these shows continue to have a strong audience base.

Without delaying this further, let’s dive into the curated list of the most overrated series on the streaming service at the moment. Check out the list below to know more.

5 most overrated series on Netflix right now

5. Lucifer 

Lucifer Morningstar, once an angel, gets bored of his life ruling in Hell. He decides to go on a short vacation to visit the Earth. However, he finds it hard to leave. Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, finds a new job that he happens to fall in love with. Alongside, the devil finds a certain comfort in helping out people and humanity by seeking what they truly desire. The show started off great.

Ellis’s cast was perfect, and his chemistry with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) seemed genuine. However, the show decided to stretch itself out for way longer than it should have. There were predictable plot twists and unpredictable character developments. At times it really did seem forced. However, it is sure to provide you with some entertainment. 

To know more, check out the trailer here. The show is currently streaming on Netflix here.

4. Too Hot to Handle 

The show consists of a group of singles who meet each other on an island away from their daily lives. They are initially kept in the dark, however, until the show’s true nature is revealed to them. That is, they must remain celibate if they wished to win 100,000 dollars at the show’s end. The first season was quite entertaining.

However, by the second season, the majority of the people knew what they were getting into. There were several moments of being cringe, and to be honest, the show just did not cut it. The producers did rather mislead the audience as well with their choice of title. Although the concept of this particular reality dating show was interesting, they often make it seem like a joke to the outer world. Which, in turn, beats the purpose. 

Regardless, looking for some drama? You will find it here for sure. To know more, check out the trailer here. The show is currently streaming on Netflix here.

3. Emily in Paris 

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is a girl with a Master’s in Marketing and is highly dedicated to her work. She loves social media and works at a job she loves in Chicago. However, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to Paris for her job and takes it at once. Her task is to bring an American perspective to the table for the French clients at her new marketing firm. Emily in Paris was quite refreshing as a show in the first season. Filled with romance, drama, and Paris.

However, the entire show feels like a cliche from the American perspective. It highlights what the rest of the world already thinks of France and loses out on a brimming opportunity to explore a new culture from within. Besides that, the show does succeed in stirring the pot quite a lot. Definitely still recommend it for a watch if you are in the mood to distract yourself from everything you have to do this weekend. 

To know more, check out the trailer here. The show is currently streaming on Netflix here.

2. Riverdale

Riverdale had a simple beginning with four town teenagers trying to solve a mystery together. The mystery of another teenager being murdered in town. Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Betty (Lily Reinhart), Archie (KJ Apa), and Veronica (Camila Mendes) decide to come together to fight the odd evils lurking around the town.

Although everything would seem rather normal, it wasn’t. Even with a rather steady dramatic beginning, the show took all kinds of turns. Suddenly there are different universes that the town is situated in. Once lead characters have almost taken the roles of supporting characters. People have powers now. Talk about all kinds of genre shifts possible. The show indeed took a dark turn. 

To know more, check out the trailer here. The show is currently streaming on Netflix here.

1. You 

As the name suggests, the show is based on the lives of two main characters, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). Joe (Penn Badgley) is a bookstore manager who moves to Los Angeles and finds himself obsessed with the latter mentioned local heiress. He is a serial killer who finds himself going above and beyond to seek his obsession.

He moves in the later seasons to escape his madness but fails and eventually succumbs. The show is predictable off the bat. And no one knows why the show keeps on getting renewed. Now he is after his new obsession and over the last one. We get it. 

However, if you want to give this psychological thriller a shot, check out the trailer here. The show is currently streaming on Netflix here.