5 great chat shows to watch on Netflix
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5 great chat shows to watch on Netflix

Celebrity talk shows and variety chat shows are very much in demand as people love enjoying insightful conversations between stars they look up to. Often laced with humour, comedy and sarcasm, these chat shows also include games, skits and other bits to make it more exciting.

From other viral clips to other important and relevant pop cultural issues, the shows act as a brilliant commentary on the current ongoing activities in the world. From Graham Norton and Jimmy Fallon to lesser favoured ones like James Corden, chat shows have been an integral part of late-night entertainment.

Netflix, too, has its own collection of chat shows. Here are the 5 best chat shows to watch on Netflix:

5 great chat shows to watch on Netflix

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman 

David Letterman is the former host of the 33-year-old NBC stint The Late Show With David Letterman. Known for his bold, heart-to-heart chats, Letterman’s show on Netflix is way more intimate, poignant and politically charged than his previous gig. The show began in 2018 and has three seasons with celebrity guests, ranging from actors, rappers, politicians and comedians.   

Insightful and inspiring, the guests talk about their early life, influences, setbacks and more. They voice their concerns and take strong socio-political and socio-economic stands. Letterman has had 18 guests, including Barrack Obama, Jay-Z, Shah Rukh Khan, Lizzo, Malala Yousafzai etc. 

The Joel McHale Show

A brilliant and absurdist look at various pop culture events and global news, High McHale’s show includes various guests, skits, videos and more, besides McHale’s sharp commentary on relatable and relevant topics.

Special guests on the show include Kevin hart, Eric Bana, Allison Brie, Billy Eichner and more. Impromptu cameos and silly internet videos are in perfect tandem with cheesy cold-opens, making it one of the best talk shows on Netflix.  

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 

Hosted by the comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld, this talk show sees a variety of guests who join him for a cup of coffee while driving in a car and sharing stories regarding various experiences. Sometimes, they also interact with the members of the public as a part of the episode. 

The various guests on the show include Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, David Letterman, Chris Rock and others. It deserves extra praise for the wide array of guests and the various insightful and hilarious exchanges. 

Norm MacDonald has a Show

With guests like David Spade, Drew Barrymore. Jane Fonda, Michael Keaton, David Letterman, this 2018 10-episode show sees MacDonald and his sidekick Adam Eget lead a provocative and insightful talk show, talking about career, lives and more. 

With interesting and hilarious guests, the show is as good as the podcast. MacDonald leads the show and treats the guests with a form of casual irreverence which acts as a breath of fresh air. Take a special note of his horribly genius segues between various topics that make it extremely amusing. 

The Hollywood Masters

Moderated by Stephen Galloway, this three-season series sees a variety of celebrity guests who come here to discuss their lives and careers. Each episode takes an intimate look into the life of these Hollywood icons. 

The 36 episodes comprise talks with various Hollywood talents like Ethan Hawke, Julia Louis-Dreyfous, Clint Eastwood, Alfonso Cuaron etc. The episodes also provide a great insight into filmmaking and the interviews serve as a small and provocative film school.