5 creepiest masked killers in Netflix horror films
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5 creepiest masked killers in Netflix horror films

Horror and slasher films become tenfold scary when the antagonists are clad in eerie and unnerving masks. Since the real identity of the person remains veiled, it adds to the thickening tension and the overall claustrophobic atmosphere. It speaks to our very human nature that a face we cannot see should not be trusted.

Some of the most iconic masked killers in the history of horror are Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, Pig Mask-clad killers and more. They have carved out their own niche and have a cult-like following who thrive and revel in their gruesome tendencies to gut one out while hiding behind the safety net of their masks that give them unbridled power and bloodlust. 

Netflix has its fair share of horror films and slasher flicks with deranged killers. Recently, their popular show Squid Game has set the path for this year’s Halloween costumes as most of the masked guards on the survival thriller series are clad in red overalls and a shield mask with various shapes on them. Masked killers are pretty mysterious and intriguing and a popular Halloween costume. 

While Leatherface and Jason are thankfully not on Netflix to torment us in our worst nightmares, there are some other such masked delinquents who should be sued for dominating the greater part of our fear and nightmares. 

We, at Best of Netflix, decided to curate a list of the five creepiest masked killers in Netflix horror films: 

5 creepiest masked killers in Netflix horror films

Creepy Baby Killer – Happy Death Day (2017)

Imagine dying every day to wake up in the same exact time loop and being chased by a giant baby clad in a dark hoodie. That is the exact premise of this film where a girl relives a particular day over and over again, trying to figure out what triggers her death. 

The film abounds in dark humour and comprises all the elements that are typical of a slasher flick. A deadlier version of Groundhog Day, the immortal baby-faced killer is perhaps the creepiest yet funniest on this list. 

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Grinning Face – The Purge (2013)

To appease the citizens following a devastating economic collapse, a totalitarian regime allows the public to have a free-pass day called Purge annually, wherein law and order are suspended and one can do whatever they want to. 

The killers in extremely creepy and unsettling masks that have wide grins carved on them engage in invading an affluent home, essentially hinting at the unbridgeable economic gap as well as the sheer hatred that rises out of jealousy and poverty due to the economic instability of the nation. High on allegory, the film provides a brilliant socio-political commentary under the guise of horror.  

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Masked Thugs – The Strangers (2008)

Home invasion films are inherently creepy and this film is inspired by a real-life multiple homicide case that took place in the director Bryan Bertino’s childhood neighbourhood. With a strangely claustrophobic atmosphere, the film sees a couple’s romantic trip to a remote cabin in the woods go awry when a few strangers decide to intrude. 

Hidden behind extremely unsettling and eerie doll masks, the thugs are vicious and merciless. Gory and scary, the film is a reminder of the typical ‘70s and ‘80s slasher flicks with a modern twist. The sinister motives of the masked offenders and the relatable premise make it extremely disturbing.

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Unnamed Killer – Hush (2016)

Starring Kate Siegel as a deaf and mute author living in a solitary cabin in the woods, a deadly masked killer, high on bloodlust, pursues her and attempts to kill her in various gory ways.

The identity of the killer remains concealed and clad in a creepy mask and a beanie, holding a sharp knife, he pursues the deaf woman without any intent or purpose. Silence is pretty unsettling in horror films and the director Mike Flanagan makes good use of the same to make the entire premise seem even more ominous. 

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Peachfuzz- Creep (2014)

Cleverly shot in the style of a mockumentary, the film is a sinister tale of how curiosity (and Craigslist) kills the cat! A photographer is handsomely paid to go and record the video messages of a man, apparently on his deathbed, when he discovers the strangely unsettling nature of the latter.  

Mark Duplass wears this strange wolf mask with such an adorable name and exhibits zero sense of personal space. His ominous nature adds a certain dangerous nature to the element of psychological horror in the film. Clad in a mask, he addresses his unborn child as “Buddy” and asks him to embrace his inner wolf and not be afraid of gutting a man and revelling in the beauty of that act. Creepy, right? 

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