5 best Netflix sex scenes to turn up the heat
(Credit: Netflix)


5 best Netflix sex scenes to turn up the heat

It’s almost summer but who wouldn’t want to turn up the heat once in a while in the bedroom and revamp their sex lives? 

The recent ‘erotic’ film 365 Days: This Day earned zero-rating on Rotten Tomatoes despite endless orgasms and sultry montage, thus proving how relentless sex will nauseate people and never really attract them. It is yet another failure on Netflix’s part to comprehend what exactly is ‘erotic’. 

Netflix has often presented borderline pornography that indulges in various twisted fetishes and is yet to master the craft of creating a sublime and sensual immersive experience for the viewers. 

However, the streaming service has a burgeoning collection of erotic shos and films with raunchy, explicit scenes that can help turn up the temperature. From intimate love-making scenes to intense S&M sequences and threesomes, the streamer has a collection that will appeal to a varied range of fetishes and fantasies. 

5 best Netflix sex scenes to turn up the heat 

5. Duck Butter (Miguel Arteta, 2018)

A beautifully shot lesbian romance, the film sees two women disillusioned with dating, relationships etc. When they meet, they decide to make an unusual pact for 24 hours to find new ways of forming intimacy. 

While the film has been often compared to Blue Is The Warmest Colour, it is beautiful in its own way. Raw and sincere, the film is a brilliant portrayal of the female body and sex where the characters engage in passionate, steamy encounters throughout the film. 

4. Newness (Drake Doremus, 2017)

A nuanced commentary on sex, romance and passion, the film upholds the predicament of modern-day romance. Set in present-day Los Angeles, the film chronicles the dying passion between millennials who spend time on dating apps and try to forge an endless connection in an equally empty, endless cesspool. 

The leads find the passion in their relationship fizzling out and engage in an open relationship. While the director uses a psychoanalytical lens to portray the same, a particular scene will pique your interest. The couple attends a party and flirts with other people while casting suggestive, sultry glances at one another. Despite the sea of sex scenes, this particular voyeuristic indulgence is worth noting.  

3. Bridgerton (Chris Van Dusen, 2017)

Based on Julia Quinn’s novel series, the show revolves around the romantic pursuits of the titular Bridgerton siblings who find themselves getting entangled in various relationships. The first season chronicles Daphne Bridgerton’s relationship with the Duke of Hastings and the second season sees the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony find his match in the spirited Kate Sharma. 

The first season abounds in sex scenes where the duo have sex on every possible surface and place, including showers and gardens. However, the second season sees Anthony and Kate indulge in a hate-to-love affair. While the season tones down substantially on the sexual content, the stolen glances, forbidden touches and a particularly scandalous rendezvous between the pair in the garden might leave you breathless!   

2. Elite (Carlos Montero, Dario Madrona, 2018) 

Steeped in gender conflicts, class and financial struggles, this coming-of-age school drama is rife with jealousy, sexual tension, criminal activities, financial upheavals and more. While subverting teen drama cliches, the show raises solid issues regarding social injustices plaguing the modern world. 

Frankly raunchy and scandalous, the show is filled with hook-ups that many might fantasise about. The students are inherently horny as they indulge in illicit hookups or steamy threesomes, lesbian chocolate parties and endless climaxes.  

1. Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker, 2011)

Terrifying and creepy, this dystopian sci-fi anthology series is one of the most provocative and superb shows on the streamer currently. While it mainly deals with scary content and the downside of technology with an underlying commentary on human morality, the show has two particular episodes that are particularly titillating. The first episode of the fifth season sees the lines between reel and reality get blurred subsequently when two people indulge their video game alter egos in steamy sexual encounters, straining their individual relationships.  

The fourth episode in the third season is frankly beautiful. A story of a burgeoning relationship between two women is a wonderful examination of love and loss; for a change, technology brings them closer than destroying them.