5 best Max moments from ‘Stranger Things’
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5 best Max moments from ‘Stranger Things’

Portrayed by Sadie Sink, Maxine “Max” Mayfield in Stranger Things is the ultimate badass. She skates and plays video games and keeps the guys on their toes; she is an absolute dream.

While it may seem quite natural now, the series is set in the ‘80s, and such intriguing qualities in a girl were usually not noticed as they were dissuaded from almost everything. Max has a pretty sad backstory as she belongs to a household where her stepbrother Billy is regularly abused by her stepfather. Billy takes out his frustration on her by threatening her like filth. 

Max, however, proves her greatness by forgiving him and staying by his side as he perishes. Billy even ends up begging for her forgiveness. Although she tries to befriend Eleven, the latter is wary of Max’s proximity to Mike.

Later the two bond over their respective lying boyfriends. Max is dauntless and aids the boys in their mission. She dates Lucas and is a wholesome character with all her unique qualities and brave personality. 

Sink adds an unimaginable depth to her character of Max. Max is repeatedly mistreated by Mike but never gives up because she is loyal to the rest of her friends. While she makes a few mistakes in her journey, Max’s best quality lies in her infallible attitude of always protecting and defending Eleven. She is not oblivious to eleven’s past trauma and continuously wants to uplift her. 

On Sink’s birthday, here are the five best Max moments from the show: 

5 best Max moments from ‘Stranger Things’

4. Max is a badass gamer 

Max is badass in more than one way. Besides being courageous and loyal, she is also a brilliant gamer and the iconic MADMAX who is revered in the Dig Dug gaming community. Her gaming skills impress the Party members. 

Max and Lucas bond over their shared interests as well and she is an aggressive arcade player. It is her clever gaming skills that also help her in various real-life situations, often aiding Max in deciding survival strategies even in the face of inevitable danger. 

5. Max saves the day against the Mind Flayer 

Max is pretty loyal to her friends. Once she comes to know about Upside Down, she stays put with the Party instead of running away. From driving Billy’s car to the tunnel to helping Mike and the Party distract the Mind Flayer, she is pretty daring and determined. 

Max’s loyalty knows no bounds. Brave and bold, despite making a few mistakes, Max is one of the best and most badass characters on the show who goes as far as to risk her life to stand strong by her friends.  

3. Max stands up to Billy the bully

Billy the bully is one of the most obnoxious characters on Stranger Things who tries to terrorise Max to keep her away from Lucas. As her stepbrother, he is nothing like her. After she arrives at Hawkins with her family, Billy’s actions are uncontrollable and he nearly beats Steve Harrington to death. 

Max, however, takes no crap from Billy and injects a sedative into his bloodstream to save Steve. Taking hold of Steve’s bat, she wields it to threaten Bully away from her friends, proving her loyalty once again. She saves the Party from potential murder at the hands of her murderous brother.  

2. Max validates Lucas’ feelings 

Lucas and Dustin are pretty infatuated with Max. While Dustin tries to be affectionate and win her over, Lucas can only tag along like a lovesick puppy. Max never fails to use her funnybone and ends up teasing Lucas by calling him her stalker. From wanting Mike to accept Max into their elite Party to discussing Upside Down with her, they become pretty close. 

Max grows fond of Lucas as well and appreciates his quiet wisdom and eccentricities. It is only with Max that Lucas can be at his most vulnerable and share his deepest thoughts and desires. When Lucas tells her how he likes talking to Max, the latter smiles and validates his feelings.

1. Eleven and Max’s incredible friendship 

Although Eleven is initially jealous of Max, they soon become friends in the third season, leading to the start of a brilliant comradeship. Max is the first-ever female friend of the same age with whom Elevn associates; Max takes Eleven shopping and even exposes her to normal teenage stuff that helps normalise Eleven’s transition.

Although Eleven is initially hostile, Max is pretty encouraging and wants to help her friend revel in childish delights. She wants Eleven to forgo the brutal memories of being confined in a lab all her childhood and even encourages her to make her own decisions, despite what her adoptive father Chief Hopper or her boyfriend Mike says. Max constantly helps Eleven in her journey towards discovering her identity and is the voice of reason we all deserve in our lives.