13 hit Netflix shows ending with their upcoming seasons
(Credit: Netflix)


13 hit Netflix shows ending with their upcoming seasons

In the ever-evolving landscape of Netflix, where binge-watching culture reigns supreme, there comes a bittersweet moment for fans as beloved shows draw to a close, provided they escaped the gallows of early cancellations. 

As we anticipate the endings of some of Netflix’s most iconic series, we’re left to wonder how their biggest plotlines will conclude and what lies ahead for the characters we’ve come to know and love. Leading the pack is none other than Stranger Things, a cultural phenomenon that has captivated audiences worldwide with its nostalgic nods to the 1980s and supernatural adventures. 

While the fifth season is still in production and slated for a 2025 release, whispers of an explosive finale promise to leave fans on the edge but very much in awe. Although bidding farewell to Hawkins may seem daunting, fear not, as Netflix has plans to expand the universe with prequels and spin-offs, ensuring that the spirit of Stranger Things lives on.

Next up is The Umbrella Academy, a superhero saga brimming with eccentric characters and time-bending plots. With production wrapped up on its fourth season, fans can expect a swift return to the sci-fi world of the Hargreeves siblings. While rumours of spin-offs swirl, the show’s future beyond season four remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, Cobra Kai prepares to deliver its high-kicking swan song with a much-anticipated sixth season. Saved from obscurity by Netflix, the series has garnered a devoted following with its nostalgic charm and martial arts mayhem. Though talks of spin-offs persist, nothing concrete has materialised, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news of what’s next for the Karate Kid universe. A new movie is in the works at Sony Pictures.

In the realm of historical drama, Vikings: Valhalla sails into its final season, promising epic battles and heart-wrenching drama. On a lighter note, Sweet Tooth bids adieu with its third season, offering a heartfelt farewell to its endearing cast of characters. Despite flying under the radar, this comic-book adaptation has left an indelible mark on fans, cementing its status as a hidden gem in Netflix’s library.

Elsewhere, You prepares to wrap up its twisted tale of obsession and deception while Mo gears up for a second and final season of laughter and introspection. And let’s not forget Big Mouth, whose eighth season marks the end of this irreverent animated series.

However, that’s not all. There are more shows on Netflix which are ready to sing their swan song before dipping out, including non-English dramas like Elite and Young Royals.

13 Netflix shows returning for their last seasons:

  • Stranger Things
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Cobra Kai
  • Vikings: Valhalla
  • Sweet Tooth
  • You
  • Mo
  • Big Mouth
  • Back to 15
  • Elite
  • Good Morning, Verônica
  • The Mire
  • Young Royals