10 newly added films to watch on Netflix in February
(Credit: Netflix)


10 newly added films to watch on Netflix in February

February brings a fresh assortment of cinematic treats to Netflix, and among the newly added films, a variety of genres promise to keep diverse audiences hooked on their platform. 

However, if the slurry of new additions seems overwhelming, then fret not. We have curated a list of ten must-watch films for you.

Starting off the list is Black, a 2005 Indian drama film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Ahead of Bhansali’s series debut, Heeramandi, you should watch this to understand his range as a storyteller. Lately, SLB has become synonymous with lavish sets and stunning costume dramas, but Black tells the poignant story of Michelle McNally, a deaf and blind girl played by Rani Mukerji, and her relationship with her teacher, played by Amitabh Bachchan. 

McNally’s character was loosely inspired by Helen Keller. Black is known for its dynamic storytelling, powerful performances, and stunning cinematography. It received widespread critical acclaim and numerous awards, cementing its place as one of Bhansali’s most celebrated works in Indian cinema.

For those seeking a blend of humour and introspection, Shortcomings is the ideal watch. Directed by Randall Park, this comedy-drama adaptation of Adrian Tomine’s comic of the same name follows the journey of three Bay Area residents as they embark on a transformative adventure in New York City.

On a lighter note, Eaten By Lions offers a heartwarming British comedy that is sure to leave audiences smiling. The film follows half-brothers Omar and Pete as they go on a quest to find Omar’s estranged father, leading to a series of hilarious misadventures and unexpected discoveries along the way.

For those with a taste for the supernatural, Sue-On delivers a blend of horror and comedy set against the backdrop of a Malaysian village. Directed by Razif Rashid, the film follows the chaos that ensues when a lost Korean ghost wreaks havoc among the residents, who have to devise a plan to help the ghost return to the TV show he came out of.

In the realm of horror, Ti West’s X stands out as a modern take on the slasher genre, set in 1979 Texas. Directed by West, the film follows a film crew’s shoot on an elderly couple’s rural property, which takes a deadly turn when they encounter a homicidal duo. With Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega delivering standout performances, X promises thrills, chills, and a fresh perspective on the genre.

For some old-school Hollywood drama, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, presents a gripping sports drama based on a true story, exploring the unconventional tactics used by the Oakland Athletics baseball team to challenge the status quo.

Later in the month award-winning films like Everything Everywhere All At Once and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On arrive on Netflix. The cheesy road trip romcom starring Britney Spears, Crossroads, is arriving on streaming for the first time ever this February as well, along with the 2021 romantic comedy Falling for Figaro.

Whether you’re in the mood for laughter, tears, or spine-tingling suspense, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be whisked away on a fun cinematic journey this February.

10 new arrivals to watch on Netflix in February:

  • Black
  • Shortcomings
  • Eaten By Lions
  • Sue-On
  • Moneyball
  • X
  • Falling for Figaro
  • Crossroads
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On