10 most popular series on Netflix this week: July 2022
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10 most popular series on Netflix this week: July 2022

Another week and the Stranger Things train keeps on rolling. There is no chance of seeing it or the entire canon of series not entering the top ten of the most popular series on Netflix this week. But, while we await a complete overthrow of the Upside Down, there are a few green shoots of newness emerging.

While 2021 had been incredibly successful for Netflix, the streaming platform has been suffering tough financial losses this year. From a huge subscriber exodus in the early part of the year to dwindling stock prices and general disdain towards their quality of content, the streamer is currently in a tough spot. However, the bustling emergence of Stranger Things as the platform’s most potent prospect will have given some shareholders a moment’s reprieve.

The second instalment of the show’s fourth series has seen audiences once again make their way to Hawkins, Indiana to catch up with Mike, Will, Max, Dustin, Eleven and the rest of the gang. It has seen an unfathomable 300 million hours of watching last week alone and proved itself to be a titan of television.

When you add the other 100 million hours of watching the former three seasons of the show gained, then it’s easy to see how vital Stranger Things has become for Netflix, occupying four spots in the top ten most popular series list. But, there are a few other shows worth catching up on.

Rowan Atkinson is widely thought of to be energising his Mr Bean character with Man V Bee. Without intentionally calling out the similarities, it is remarkably easy to draw lines of comparison between the two characters. Elsewhere, it is Netflix’s other major hit show, The Umbrella Academy which is plugging up the rest of the top ten.

All three series are in on the list, proving that it isn’t only the Hawkins gang who can put a beloved ensemble together to entertain the masses. The Umbrella Academy has garnered just under 150 million hours of watching across its three seasons. Check in with Five, Luther and the rest of the gang as they aim to defeat the other superheroes in town, The Sparrows.

The other gang to make it onto the list is Tommy Shelby and his Peaky blinders as the sixth season, now showing on Netflix, spends its fourth week in the top ten. While the first new show to make it on there in quite some time is the survivor show Snowflake Mountain, which strands prissy and entitled teenagers on a seemingly inhospitable environment.

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Netflix’s most popular series this week:

  1. Stranger Things (Season 4)
  2. The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)
  3. Stranger Things (Season 1)
  4. The Umbrella Academy (Season 1)
  5. Stranger Things (Season 3)
  6. Stranger Things (Season 2)
  7. Man vs. Bee (Season 1)
  8. The Umbrella Academy (Season 2)
  9. Peaky Blinders (Season 6)
  10. Snowflake Mountain (Season 1)