The 10 most popular series on Netflix this week: February 2023
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The 10 most popular series on Netflix this week: February 2023

The days are getting longer, and January has passed us by, but this doesn’t mean we’re done consuming TV on Netflix

The most popular TV series from the week just passed was season one of the new fantasy show Lockwood and Co.. Helmed by the same mind behind such hit movies as Attack the Block and The Kid Who Would Be King, Joe Cornish’s series has already amassed a good following on Netflix, mere weeks after it hit the streaming service.

Season one of the new show, which follows a small startup business run by two boys and a psychically gifted girl, is based on the first two books in Jonathan Stroud’s books series: The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull.

Number two is the comedy-drama series Ginny & Georgia with Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey. Telling the story of a teenager who yearns for her family to lay down their roots in New England after years on the run, Ginny & Georgia has proved to be a surprise hit for the streaming service. However, Netflix is yet to confirm the future arrival of season three. 

Boasting 11 consecutive weeks in the top ten, number three is the Addams Family spin-off show, Wednesday. Starring the rising Hollywood actor Jenna Ortega, who will soon be making an appearance in Scream VI, Wednesday has proven to be a massive hit for Netflix, sparking the arrival of a brand new figurehead for the streaming service in the form of the show’s gothic title character. 

Elsewhere, both series one and series two of New Amsterdam appear in the number five and number seven spots, respectively. Starring Ryan Eggold, Jocko Sims, Freema Agyeman and Janet Montgomery, the show follows the doctors and nurses at America’s oldest public hospital.

Take a look at the full list of the ten most popular series on Netflix this week, below.

The 10 most popular series on Netflix this week:

  1. Lockwood & Co.: Season 1 
  2. Ginny & Georgia: Season 2
  3. Wednesday: Season 1
  4. Ginny & Georgia: Season 1
  5. New Amsterdam: Season 1
  6. Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2
  7. New Amsterdam: Season 2
  8. That ‘90s Show: Season 1
  9. Freeridge: Season 1
  10. New Amsterdam: Season 3