10 most anticipated films headed to Netflix in February 2024
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10 most anticipated films headed to Netflix in February 2024

As we gear up for a new month, Netflix is ready to deliver a cinematic treat for its global audience. From the stop-motion dramedy Marcel the Shell with Shoes On to the Polish dark comedy Kill Me If You Dare, which follows a married couple who win the lottery and immediately get to hatching plans to kill each other to keep the money for themselves, Netflix has it all this month.

February 2024 is brimming with a diverse lineup of movies, offering everything from heartwarming animations to thrilling rom-coms and superhero sequels. We will have the Oscar-sensation Everything Everywhere All At Once finally arriving on Netflix US, even though it was available to stream in a few countries prior.

The Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert film not only caused a much-needed Ke Huy Quan resurgence in pop culture but also earned the supremely talented Michelle Yeoh her first Oscar. The film, an ode to healing generational trauma in the guise of a fantastic sci-fi adventure, also features a brilliant multigenerational coterie of performers, including Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, and James Hong.

The current indie favourites in the horror world—Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega—also have a feature arriving on Netflix this month. X, a 2022 American slasher film, is the creative brainchild of Ti West, serving as the writer, director, producer, and editor. The movie features Mia Goth in a dual role, portraying both Maxine, a young woman, and Pearl, an elderly woman. The ensemble cast includes Jenna Ortega and Brittany Snow, among others.

X unfolds in 1979 with a film crew who assemble to produce a pornographic film on the rural Texas property of an elderly couple. However, the seemingly straightforward filmmaking venture takes a dark turn.

But, in addition to older titles Netflix will be licensing this month, there will be quite a few promising original titles arriving on the streaming platform. These new titles span various genres, so there is something for everyone—the romance nuts who have their eyes on Valentine’s Day with Players, as well as the animation lovers with Orion and the Dark.

Written by the Black Mirror creator Charlie Kaufmann and directed by Sean Charmatz (in his feature directorial debut), Orion and the Dark is based on the children’s book of the same name by Emma Yarlett. It is also one of the most anticipated releases of the year for Netflix. The official blurb reads: “The thing Orion fears the most is the dark. When the embodiment of his worst fear pays a visit, Dark whisks Orion away on a roller-coaster ride around the world to prove there is nothing to be afraid of at night.”

Let’s delve into the most anticipated films headed to Netflix this February.

10 best movies arriving on Netflix in February 2024:

  • Orion and the Dark (2024) – February 2nd
  • Bhakshak (2024) – February 9th
  • Kill Me If You Dare (2024) – February 13th
  • Players (2024) – February 14th
  • Code 8: Part 2 (2024) – February 28th
  • X (2022)- February 1st
  • It (2017) – February 1st
  • Moneyball (2011)February 1st
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) – February 23rd
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) – February 24th